Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Tools for Success

Suggested Supplies for Grade 6
            2014 / 2015

Dear Parents or Guardians,
Our school provides most of the required supplies for students to successfully take part in our programs, but there are some supplies that are specific to our program and that I encourage students to purchase to have for personal use. Having these materials available to them at home and at school will help with their success throughout the year.

2 graph paper note books for Math
combination lock
geometry set
30 cm ruler with millimetres
2 highlighters
coloured pencils
2 white art eraser
small personal sharpener
2 glue sticks
2 X 3-hole, lined paper (500 sheets)
2 fine point black marker
2 X duo tangs (2 different colours)
clean running shoes for Phys. Ed.
French-English Dictionary

Thank you so much, looking forward to a great year in Grade 6!

Mrs. Kruc

Monday, September 01, 2014

Welcome Back!

Welcome to 6K

This is our class blog. Here you will find homework, assignment outlines and rubrics, information about upcoming events and any other news and information about what is happening in our class.

Homework will be posted on a nightly basis and assignment outlines, rubrics and deadlines will be found under the subject tabs. If you are away this is a great way to stay caught up.

On the dashboard of the blog you will see a "Parking Lot" tab. This is your place to comment on what you are learning in class as well as any questions you might have or help you might be able to give other students. Keep in mind your comments won't be posted right away; I have to approve any and all comments first. At times I may post a question and ask you to comment on it specifically. Any suggestions you have to improve or add to the blog are welcome. This is a group effort!